Thermofoil & Architectural Films For Full-Scale Interior Transformations

Transform Your Cabinets, Countertops, & Walls In Just 2-3 Days!

Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing

At Finesse Wraps Ltd., our expertise extends to the transformative power of Thermofoil and Architectural Films for cabinet, countertop, and flat surface remodeling. These remarkable materials enable us to efficiently address wear and damage, restoring your cabinets and surfaces to pristine condition. Ideal for everything from subtle refreshes to complete kitchen and interior makeovers, the versatility and cost-effectiveness of Thermofoil and Architectural Films make this an excellent solution for updating your space.

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Begin your kitchen's transformation journey with a personal consultation. Contact us, and we'll discuss your vision and preferences, exploring the magic we can bring to your space. The process is quick, clean, and completely tailored to your needs.


Armed with your ideas, our design experts will craft a custom kitchen blueprint. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we'll present you with a range of color and style options that perfectly complement your home's unique character.


Our skilled technicians will bring your design to life, carefully wrapping your cabinets with premium rigid vinyl products . Expect precision, efficiency, and minimal disruption, as we swiftly transform your  space into a haven of elegance and comfort.


Begin a new chapter of memories in your stunningly renovated kitchen. Durable and stylish, your cabinets are ready to enhance every gathering and create lasting moments for years to come.

Affordable Pricing for Your Dream Kitchen Transformation

Simple Kitchen

A compact solution that maximizes style and functionality, perfectly tailored for smaller kitchens.

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Medium Kitchen

A balanced blend of elegance and practicality for mid-sized kitchen spaces.

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large Kitchen

An extensive wrap solution delivering luxury and sophistication for spacious kitchens.

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Finesse Wraps Ltd did my cupboard doors and drawers. They look brand new, very happy with the performance. He was very careful in My Home, taking them off and putting them on, they look brand new. Thank you so much.

Sherry V.
Seed Group

Just had our kitchen done with Finesse Wraps in West Kelowna. They did an amazing job. Very professional and great to work with. Thank you!

Seed Group

Michael repaired 15 doors from my kitchen that I thought were beyond repair, he was able to make them like new again adding years of life to my kitchen and a perfect color match as well. Very proffesional and I highly recommend. I have some other projects that I'll involve him in.

Sean P.
Seed Group

So very pleased to find someone to refoil peeling thermofoil. The job was completed quickly by Michael who is very easy to work with and does a great job with care. The doors were in good shape and I didn’t want the expense of new doors so this was a fantastic cost saving opportunity. Really happy with my “new” cabinets. Thanks Michael!

Dae L.
Seed Group

Very good option to replacing the cabinetry faces in kitchen.  Very professional, good quality and done quite quickly.  Great communication as well.  Definitely recommend.

Deanne C.
Seed Group

Few days before putting our house on sale I had a pot fire on the stove and thermofoil peeled from few cabinet door, I was in panic until I met Michael. He fixed the door perfectly and fast and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Great guy, great work.

Dagmar C.

I have worked with Finesse Wraps numerous times and they always deliver a good product. Michael has been great to deal with and they offer excellent value for rewrapping thermofoil doors among other things. They are my go to for kitchen doors.

Chad M

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Transform your home with Finesse Wraps Ltd. Serving Kelowna and the Okanagan, we're your local experts in thermofoil cabinet design. Contact us for a free quote and let's create your dream space. Get in touch now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to find quick answers on the versatility and benefits of Thermofoil wrapping for your kitchen and bathroom, or reach out for a free consultation and tailored quote.
What makes thermofoil a preferred choice for busy, family-friendly homes?

Thermofoil is favored for busy, family-friendly homes primarily due to its durability and ease of cleaning. It can withstand the knocks and spills of daily life without showing wear, and its non-porous surface means messes can be cleaned up quickly—crucial for homes with children or pets.

How do thermofoil cabinets stand up to everyday wear and tear compared to solid wood?

Thermofoil cabinets are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, often faring better than solid wood which can be prone to warping, chipping, or cracking over time. Thermofoil's protective layer is less likely to be affected by moisture or temperature changes, ensuring a consistent appearance without the need for frequent touch-ups or repairs.

In terms of maintenance, what advantages does thermofoil offer over other cabinet materials?

Thermofoil offers significant maintenance advantages; it does not require the sealing or refinishing necessary for wood or painted cabinets. It's also easy to clean, typically needing only a wipe with a damp cloth to remove spills and stains, and it's resistant to scratches and fading, keeping your cabinets looking new for longer.

Can thermofoil wrapping be customized to fit unique cabinet shapes and kitchen layouts?

Yes, thermofoil wrapping is highly versatile and can be customized to accommodate a wide range of cabinet shapes and kitchen layouts. It is an ideal solution for unconventional sizes or designs, ensuring a seamless fit and a consistent, professional finish across all your cabinetry.

How do the long-term costs of owning thermofoil cabinets compare to other materials when considering upkeep and durability?

Thermofoil cabinets are a cost-efficient option in the long run due to their minimal maintenance needs and enduring finish. Unlike wood or veneer that may require refinishing or can be susceptible to moisture damage, thermofoil is moisture-resistant and maintains its appearance without the need for costly upkeep. This makes it a smart investment for both longevity and ongoing savings.